Minute Manna- #0137- "Where was God when I was being abused?"

I was asked the question: Where was God when I was being abused? The question caused me to think, pray, and search for answers because I had not wondered where God was when I was being abused. I had blamed myself. The truth is, people deal with abuse in many different ways, not realizing, abuse can’t be dealt with in our minds; it must be healed! I pray this “Minute Manna” will help HEAL YOU! The first thing I would establish with a child or adult is that God is good! God never “causes” bad things. I am also adamant that, not only does God not “cause” bad things, neither does He allow them “FOR THE PURPOSE OF” teaching us lessons. My reason for saying that is, if you teach children that God causes or allows abuse, pain, or horrific events to teach them lessons, they will think that God is “mean.” They will not see God as the protecting Father that He is. They will fear every lesson in life and will never desire to grow in God or grow at all for that matter. Because to “grow” would mean they would need to endure something negative. That is NOT God. Does He use bad things? YES! Is that His choice or His plan for growth and teaching? NO! I always use Scripture to answer questions. God is good, and IN HIM there is NO BAD THING. His very nature is good, and His thoughts toward us are good and never evil. (Jeremiah 29:11) We were created in His image, and He calls us His dear children. We are fearfully and wonderfully made by God’s design. He would never harm us! (Psalm 139:14)

Once I know, by the direction of the Holy Spirit, that I have established that God is good…. I have then “FED” what I want to grow, because whatever you feed will grow I want the child’s/adult’s faith in God to grow, so I feed it with Scriptures and God’s goodness. NEXT What God reveals – He heals so…. After I am confident that the child/adult is sure of God’s love, then I allow the Holy Spirit to “REVEAL” THE PROBLEM. The problem is not God’s absence because God is NEVER ABSENT. HE IS OMNI-PRESENT. The problem is satan’s presence. The problem is “SIN!” The problem is the kingdom of darkness. Bad people live in this world, and because God made us “free” with our own wills, He will not go against His own will.