Our Ministry


2 Chronicles 7:14                                                                                      




Sherry Damron Ministries (SDM) was founded on the revelation of “trash to treasure,” for you see, I was the trash in whom God found treasure.  If He can do it for one, He will do it for another.   I amnot interested in building another church.  There are churches on every corner, yet we are more deficient in The Word of God than atany other time in history.  People who are hurting don’t want to hear our church bells; they need to see our Jesus.  I, as Pastor and CEO of this ministry have been commissioned to reach broken, bruised, and hurting people of all ethnicities, backgrounds, and nationalities with The Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by giving them a vision of The Man about whom we preach: The Man called Jesus.


It is apparent that the medium for outreach in this generation has become media/social media, and although this venue is largely negative, I believe we should take every opportunity possible to counteract with a positive message.  Not a religious, churchymessage, but a message of hope from a person who is real and who has been there.   When broken people see someone who was once broken but now has it together, someone who was crippled, but now walks; someone who was blind, but now sees: this offers life,where there seems to be nothing but death.  

My vision is to build an outreach studio to help convey this message.  Think about it: a church has four walls, and its ability to help is limited to those who enter, but a studio has no walls and no boundaries.  A studio will help us reach into homes, hotel rooms, park benches, and cars.  A studio will give us the ability to reach out to all who hold a computer in their lap or a phone in their hand.  The reach of this project is limitless. For this we need offices, shipping facilities, and a studio in which we can produce the programming, and for that we need prayer warriors and financing.   


I want to offer more than just a building for taping our media/social media outlets. I would also like to give back to surrounding communities by offering recording opportunities to our youth.  Because I will structure the building much like a theater, I would like to offer the facility for Christian plays, arts, and dance, broadening the views and mindsets of stoic Christians in our area and beyond.  We will also hold regular services for our church body, “The Sanctuary.”  People who watch our programs on TV, social media, or through the many avenues this facility will birth, will have a place to come for prayer, counseling, and teaching to help them get their lives back together, or simply to worship and enjoy the anointing which flows from this ministry.  


There is life after abuse; there is life after addiction, incarceration, and divorce.  Whether the person is homeless or just simply tired from the struggle, “The Studio” will be a beacon of hope, locatedon #1 Highway, where all may come.  


Project “Trash to Treasure” has been a faint dream rumbling in the spirits of a handful of people, but God is birthing this dream to the nations.  I once asked a question to an old saint of God: “how do you know when a vision is from God?”  Her reply I will never forget: “when it’s bigger than you!”  This vision is much bigger than I.  This vision includes all who will enter the doors or enjoy its fruit from coast to coast.  This vision includes “WHOSOEVER WILL.”  THIS VISION INCLUDES YOU!


God Bless you

Pastor Sherry Damron