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Have you ever had a dream?  Have you ever felt as if there was more in you than the life around you?  Maybe those dreams were shattered by unexpected circumstances.  I have good news: God’s greatest desire is to make you yet again another vessel.


Jeremiah 18: 4 And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter:

So he made it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make it.


Sherry was raised with a love for God and a respect for the things of God; however, religious legalism fueled her desire to escape rules, laws, and control.  In an attempt to do so, at the age of eighteen, she married the only boy she had ever dated.  The marriage was less than perfect.  Because of endometriosis coupled with abuse, she was unable to bear children.  With her dreams of being a mother completely shattered, the marriage ended in divorce after eight years.  For the next ten years, she lived a life very different from that of her upbringing.   She was overshadowed by a world of drugs, alcohol, and prostitution.  This new “lifestyle” seemed to swallow up everything that she had once held dear.


In 2001, after running as far as she could run, Sherry returned to her roots in the church, but this time she had an encounter with God instead of with religion.  Little by little, God began to write His desires in her heart as only His love and acceptance can.  In 2004 she received custody of a four-year old, blonde-haired little boy, Sterling.  The arrangement was intended to be temporary, but God intended it to be permanent.  This was the beginning of a supernatural redirection for her life and living proof that God puts our broken pieces together again.

In May of 2006, Sherry’s grade school sweetheart, Dwayne Damron returned to their hometown after twenty-two years in the US Air Force. Dwayne and Sherry were married in October of 2006, and they adopted Sterling in December of the following year.  In one single year, everything that satan said “COULD NOT BE”...WAS!!!  Sherry was a wife and a mother; the only thing that was missing was the fulfillment of God’s call to ministry on her life.  


Her ministry began in 2009 through the release of her first CD: "For Such A Time As This," which opened the door for her TV program: “I Still Believe.”  She is currently ministering on Christian TV networks, including Impact on Direct and Dish TV, on radio, and in churches across the country.  


Sherry released her second CD in 2011: “Do It Anyway,” writing and composing all ten songs on this album, including a special rendition of Loretta Lynn’s number one hit: “You Ain’t Woman Enough.”  Sherry is the only person who has ever been given permission to rewrite this popular song, entitling her version “You Ain’t Devil Enough.”  Both CDs are playing around the world and are available on her website, www.sherrydamron.org and on iTunes.  


In 2011 Sherry began pastoring “The Sanctuary” in Vidalia, Georgia. An unexpected avenue of her ministry began in November of that year when Yat (his real name is concealed for his protection), a twenty-four-year-old young man was searching for “truth,” and inadvertently stumbled across Pastor Sherry’s website and contacted her ministry.  She began ministering to him, and Yat quickly accepted Jesus, renouncing the Muslim faith.  Consequently, he was disowned by his entire family, has been beaten and imprisoned many times, and now travels the borders of Pakistan, China, and Afghanistan by foot, telling the story of Jesus.  SDM is establishing an increasing number of underground churches in Pakistan and Afghanistan as a result of Yat’s conversion and is committed to sending funds for Bibles and Yat’s care.


Pastor Sherry released her first book, “Undone,” in 2015, which is a miracle in and of itself.  Sherry struggled with reading throughout her years in school.  She was placed in remedial classes because of the inability, not understanding at the time, the root cause was dyslexia.  Sherry overcame her fears and learned to deal with and embrace her “issues.”  Out of that, “Undone” was birthed.  The book is available in paperback as well as in E-book form, for download from her website, iBooks, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.


Sherry released, to radio, the single, “I See The Lord,” from her sophomore album in 2016.  Much to her surprise, the song began to top Gospel charts around the nation.  Sherry is excited to release her newest song, “God Bless America Again” in February, 2017.  “God Bless America Again” is a re-write from the original Bobby Bare song which was released in 1969.  Releasing her music to radio and producing music videos is a new venture in which millions are being blessed by the “message” in her songs. 


Pastor Sherry hears the growing cry of a generation for Truth, searching for something REAL and refusing to settle for fake.  Because of her past, she understands their confusion and their wounds.  This generation has no certain age, denomination, race, or gender.  But it is HIS BODY forming and readying to BE the glorious church: The Bride of Christ!  God is powerfully ministering through this anointed woman after His own heart.

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