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Minute Manna - #0110 - “Leave It in the Past”

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

“Leave It in the Past”

Do not let your past ruin your today and totally rob you of tomorrow. Lord knows I have a lot of “mess” that I could talk about in my past, yes and even some “hot mess” in my NOW. But I have repented for my past and I am daily placing my “now” at His feet. I have chosen to change what I can, and allow Him to change the things that I can’t. Set your conversation to bless The Lord and by doing so you will BLESS YOURSELF. PRESS toward the finish line, having done all to stand, stand, He is faithful who has promised and He SHALL make it good! WOW---I feel better about you??

Have a blessed day.

Make someone smile.

Be determined to bless and not curse.

Place no one on trial.

Set someone free.

Dare to dream and believe.

For then and only then

Are you equipped to receive.

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