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Disc 1 – Make Me An Offering 

Don’t let the title of this sermon scare you! We have misappropriated the teaching of tithing into being a tactic to gain wealth. The tithe is about so much more! It’s about honoring God with what belongs to Him. It’s about calling holy, what God calls holy. It’s about obedience. Tithing is a bilateral covenant that began in the garden and is still in effect today. This teaching will help you understand tithing, not as a commandment, but as a willing DESIRE from a heart of gratitude. You will never see God in the same light after learning HIS HEART TOWARD YOU! Experience the Word today!

Disc 2 – It Belongs To God

“This is part two of “It Belongs To God.” Giving is God’s way of living.  In the beginning God created the earth and humanity to multiply by giving.  Whatsoever you sow, that shall you also reap.  This teaching does not promise to make you rich; in fact, it makes no promises at all.  This teaching walks the listener through the Word of God as “IT” (God’s Word) teaches key principles that cannot fail.  God is a God of principle and, if followed, increase is imminent. It’s time for the Body of Christ to “come up” in our “whole” way of living.  We need to come up in our: spiritual lives; way of thinking; the way we take care of our bodies; our integrity and character; and the way we handle our finances. If you need to do better in any of these areas, this teaching is for you!”

(2 Disc DVD)

Tithes & Offerings 2 part series (2 Disc DVD)

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