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The Gospel Series is a four-part series (CD - 4 Sermon Series)

We live in a country flowing with freedoms that were won by our forefathers. They fought valiantly and many died bravely so that we might be free.  In other words, the cost of freedom is anything but free. This anointed series teaches truths found in the sacrifices of our American heroes as well as the sacrifices we must make to walk in the glory of God.  On disc 3 and 4, Pastor Sherry will lead you through "The Tabernacle" of Moses. Together you will enter the Holy of Holies. Your worship and walk will forever be changed!

Disc 1 – The Gospel
Disc 2 - Glory IN You
Disc 3 - The Pattern
Disc 4 - The Pattern II

The Gospel Series (CD - 4 Sermon Series)

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