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Sherry Damron! Who is she? What is she about? Where is she going? In this fifty minute DVD, you will hear
her story. The title “Her Story His Glory” sums up its contents. In Orlando, Florida, on a hot and rainy day in a very candid interview, Sherry Damron began to tell her story directed by the Holy Spirit. Thousands have been touched by the interview, but very few understood the emotions that swelled inside of Mrs. Damron as she articulated personal moments that she thought would remain buried forever.


Her story is now HIS GLORY. If you, a child, family member, or friend are dealing with abuse, shame, pain, or hurt on any level, you will be blessed by this amazing lady’s story of God’s inexhaustible mercy and grace! Told in the Southern charm and wittiness that only she can express. You will cry, laugh, and praise God as you experience “Her Story – His Glory,” over and over again!


(1) DVD - Her Story / His Glroy (Interview) 

Her Story - His Glory (Interview) DVD

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