Watch "I Still Believe" with Pastor Sherry Damron! 

This woman of God is changing how we "do church!"  God has chosen Pastor Sherry to be "who HE created her to be."  She's different, refreshing, and wears cowgirl boots, but most importantly SHE'S ANOINTED with a message of hope and triumph to share with the world!

Come experience the Word of God like never before! Attend a live recording of "I Still Believe" at The Sanctuary, located at 705 NW Main St. in Vidalia, GA. It's not's an experience that will transform your life. Your breakthrough awaits you! If you are not able to attend, you can watch her live stream at 11 a.m.

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Warning Danger Ahead

Invasion of Privacy

You have the right to remain silent and let the enemy rob you of God’s promise over your life, but you also have the right to SPEAK UP and HE MUST GO! This message will help you identify the intruder and evict him from your future because if you are experiencing failure…it’s an invasion of privacy! Guard your future and walk into your destiny!

Invasion part 2

Snap Out of It 

Communication is one of the most overlooked weapons in the Body of Christ. The Holy Spirit is the voice by which we communicate with heaven in order to learn to communicate with each other on earth.  "Channels of Communication" is a powerful teaching that will help you understand God's purpose for the Holy Spirit in you!

Channels of Communication 

The Enabler

Are you struggling to reach your destiny? Do you keep searching for direction, finding only chaos? “The Enabler” will give you valuable insight and tools to help you find the missing pieces of your destiny. Everything you need is within your grasp!

Disturb the Atmosphere 

You don’t need God to fix your issue, YOU need to disturb your atmosphere because when the atmosphere is shaken, everything in it is shaken! Learn what God is seeking for so that you can BECOME what He desires!

Invasion part 3

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