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Dr. Gwen Moddrell

September 23, 1940 - May 27, 2019

Dr. Gwen met Pastor Sherry in a small Chinese Restaurant in Swainsboro, Georgia in 2013.  The meeting had been arranged by a mutual friend and member of The Sanctuary family, Mrs. Truett Andrew.  There was an instant connection between Pastor Sherry and Dr. Gwen.  Though from very different worlds: their worlds merged together and unfolded, which caused their relationship to deepen.


Dr. Gwen was drawn to the practical, yet deep, and Scripturally sound teachings of her new friend, and soon to become pastor: Pastor Sherry Damron.  Dr. Gwen immediately attended a Wednesday night Bible Study in Vidalia, GA and never missed another service except for unavoidable reasons.

Dr. Gwen fell in love with the worship, the people, and, in her own words: “the realness and honesty” of Pastor Sherry. The anointing that she experienced during the services and sermons kept her coming back for more.  She took copious notes and spent countless hours, asking innumerable questions. Pastor Sherry patiently walked Dr. Gwen through Scriptures as the Holy Spirit opened the eyes of her understanding to new idioms of thought about the Savior she had known and loved since she was a child. Dr. Gwen made it a point to receive every sermon on CD, so she could listen to them over and over again.  She was determined never to miss one morsel of Rhema Manna which fed her soul with unspeakable joy! 


Hours before Gwen transitioned to her new home in Heaven, she requested to hear one of Pastor Sherry’s sermons and songs.  She “amened” every truth and sang every word. 

Dr. Gwen and SDM shared the same values and goals.  SDM is a ministry reaching out to the broken, bruised, and unsung heroes of society, which were always at the core of Dr. Gwen’s passion for people.  She quickly became a part of SDM’s travel team and went around the country sharing the Gospel.  She was a faithful prayer warrior and longed to see the completion of the new SDM Studio at 4449 HWY 1 South in Oak Park, GA.


Dr. Gwen became one of Pastor Sherry’s greatest supporters, confidants, and friends.  They shared a love for animals and nature, and also a commonality in their pasts which created a bond that was inexplainable and unshakeable.  This extraordinary woman of God will have a place of honor in the new studio on HWY 1 and will always be a part of every soul won through the efforts of SDM.  Dr. Gwen Moddrell, Ricky (her parrot), and Buddy (her dog) will always have a special place in our hearts! 


In lieu of flowers, Gwen requested that contributions be made to Sherry Damron Ministries, P.O. Box 2555, Vidalia, GA  30475. You may also make a contribution online by click the button below.

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